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Why You Need to Take a Kayak Tour of Pictured Rocks

Paddling Through Lovers LeapKayakers About to Paddle Through Lover’s Leap.
With miles of gorgeous sandstone cliffs towering 50 to 200 feet along Lake Superior’s pristine shoreline, stretches of white sandy beaches, and breathtaking formations and mineral stained rock face, the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula provides some of the most incredible sights in the world.

New Trend: Kayaking the Awe-Inspiring Pictured Rocks

Kayaking through Rainbow CaveKayakers taking in Rainbow Cave, a multicolored sensation on a grand scale.
For over 60 years, visitors have flocked to Picture Rocks every summer for intimate views of the majestic wonders by taking a boat cruise in Munising, the western gateway community to the park. While Pictured Rocks Cruises remains the area’s top attraction, there’s another recreational activity for those looking to explore the Pictured Rocks that’s made quite the splash in recent years – kayaking.

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Glide through Sea Caves

Paddling Through a Sea CaveYou’ll be able to glide through spectacular sea caves during the tour.

Kayaking the Pictured Rocks has become a favored attraction among people of all skill levels. There are countless sea caves that criss-cross the cliffs, sculpted by centuries of waves. Most can only be truly appreciated from the intimate perspective of a kayak. “Limbo Cave” is a favorite of many that go on a Pictured Rocks Kayaking tour, as it’s a long sea cave that’s especially fun to enter by leaning backwards.

Is It Easy to Kayak Pictured Rocks?


Paddle close enough to touch

Paddle close enough to touch
While hiking or taking a boat cruise along the Pictured Rocks certainly gives explorers an intimate feel, kayaking near the rocks brings paddlers so close to the cliffs that they can touch them while gliding through magical sea caves.

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13 Stunning Points of Interest

Pictured Rocks Kayaking Full Tour PreviewClick to watch a video preview of the Pictured Rocks Kayaking tour on YouTube.

When you tour Pictured Rocks by kayak, you see 13 stunning points of interest. This includes Miners Castle, Painted Coves, Caves of all Colors, Lovers Leap, Rainbow Cave, Indian Head, Gull Rookery, Grand Portal, Battleship Rocks, Flower Vase, Indian Drum, Chapel Cove, and Chapel Rock. You’ll see towering, multi-colored rock formations, beautiful waterfalls, entrancing nooks, and more.

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Tranquility Guaranteed

Tranquility Guaranteed
Lake Superior isn’t just the largest and freshest of the Great Lakes. It’s also the world’s largest freshwater lake by surface area. It’s easy to let the worries of everyday life drift into oblivion and ease into a state of sweet tranquility when floating or paddling along the majestic body of water. When paddling near the Pictured Rocks, gorgeous colors stream down the rock face from the cliffs and mirror Lake Superior’s turquoise waters, making you feel like you’re living a dream.


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How to Kayak: Choose Pictured Rocks Kayaking

Safety & Convenience at its Finest

A kayak tour in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore next to multicolored cliffs, as seen by drone
If you want safety and convenience when you go kayaking on Lake Superior, then Pictured Rocks Kayaking is the outfitter for you.

The Only Off-Shore Launch

Safety & Convenience at its Finest
Pictured Rocks Kayaking provides the only off-shore launch. This means, rather than taking off from land, kayakers cruise from Munising Bay aboard a kayak-launching boat and are released into Lake Superior just past Painted Coves. You can skip hours of paddling and get straight to the best parts. Once finished with the paddling portion of the trip, kayakers board the boat for a ride back to shore, leisurely gazing at the colorful cliffs.

Boat Follows You, With Bathrooms on Board

Bathroom Break during Pictured Rocks Kayaking TourThe boat follows you the whole time during the 4-5 hour adventure, so bathroom breaks are easy.
Also, since the launch boat follows kayakers along as they paddle, you’re always within a reasonable distance of restrooms and emergency help. Plus, by using tandem kayaks, stability is greatly improved. Trips are around 4-5 hours long with 2 hours – or 5 miles – of glorious kayaking time. Kayakers are asked to bring appropriate layers as the temperature is often cooler along the lake.
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An Innovative Approach to Kayaking: The Vessel

A Brand New Vessel
In 2019, Pictured Rocks Kayaking launched its new vessel, Kayak Express, a 64-by-19 foot boat created to take 72 passengers, six guides and 36 kayaks aboard. The boat was designed specifically for launching kayaks into the water. The off-shore launch is a unique approach that has revolutionized kayak tours.


Kayaking Pictured Rocks will create memories for a lifetime. Tours fill up fast, so book yours today!

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