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How Easy It Is to Kayak Pictured Rocks

Kayaking Through Lover's Leap in Pictured RocksPC: Kerry Murphy. Kayaking through Lover’s Leap.

Carved out and formed by the freshest of the Great Lakes, the archways, caves, and cliffs of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula are heavenly gems found along Lake Superior’s shoreline.

Though the thought of gliding along gigantic cliffs on the top of the world’s largest freshwater lake by surface area might seem daunting to some, people of all skill levels are raving about one local kayaking outfitter.

Pictured Rocks Kayaking in MunisingPictured Rocks Kayaking is the only paddling tour with a boat.

Based in Munising, Pictured Rocks Kayaking is the area’s only attraction that launches paddlers into the turquoise-colored waters of Lake Superior by boat. Since the vessel remains at a close distance, kayakers are always near a restroom and safety.

Top 7 Highlights of a Pictured Rocks Kayaking Tour

Pictured Rocks Kayaking TourThe only-offshore launch. You take a boat cruise to most iconic stretch of the lakeshore, then hop in your kayak.

From children to senior passengers and more, Pictured Rocks Kayaking goes above and beyond to ensure seeing the national lakeshore up-close and personal is an adventure that can be cherished by all. Here’s how easy it is to kayak Pictured Rocks:

No Experience Necessary

Everything you need to know about Pictured Rocks KayakingNewbies taking in the Pictured Rocks.

No kayaking experience? No problem.

A basic safety and paddling course will be provided prior to all tours. There’ll also be ACA-trained kayak guides with the paddlers at all times …and remember, the passenger boat always stays close by.

Everything You Need to Know About Pictured Rocks Kayaking

Great for Families

Taking a quick bathroom break on the Kayak ExpressNature calls! A quick bathroom break is always within reach, the boat follows you the whole time.

Before kayakers are launched near the Pictured Rocks, they’ll cruise along the lakeshore on a relaxing boat ride. The ride is so calming that there have been several cases where kids have fallen asleep onboard, according to Pictured Rocks Kayaking Captain and General Manager Deidre Phillipson.

“Those are my favorite stories,” she said.

Though safe, the tour is not recommended for children ages 5 and younger.

Pictured Rocks: A Trip for the Entire Family

A Caring Crew

An older couple gazes at Pictured Rocks' cliffsYou’re young at heart in the magical Pictured Rocks.

Although one passenger had seven hip surgeries during his lifetime, kayaking the Pictured Rocks was something he’d always wanted to do. To help him achieve his dream, four crew members happily helped the man in and out of his kayak upon launching and boarding the boat.

“He had a great time and paddled like a champ!” Captain Deidre said.

What People Are Saying About Pictured Rocks Kayaking

If There’s a Will…There’s Always a Way

A Caring CrewAn off-shore launch means that Pictured Rocks Kayaking is incredibly accessible.

While passengers must walk across a ramp to board the boat, one father and daughter duo was determined to do the tour against the odds.

“The father scooped his teenage daughter up who had no mobility in her legs and carried her to her seat. We let her get in the kayak first, so he picked her up, and set her in. The smile on both of their faces when we pushed them out was memorable. There was no way they were not doing this tour,” explained Captain Deidre.

A Tour for Everyone

Great CommunicationThe positivity of the crew and tour guides is often infectious.

Captain Deidre recalls a time when a young man with a mental disability was worried about kayaking at first but was quickly calmed by the beauty and tranquility of the lakeshore.

“We all cheered on the boat once he was in the water,” she said. “His guide radioed in and asked if I, the captain, would sound the horn for him. I could hear the cheers from each group that was paddling along the rocks. This young man came back with the biggest smile.”

Great Communication Guaranteed

Contact Pictured Rocks KayakingBuild lifelong memories, and maybe some lifelong friends along the way.

Any time captains feel that a passenger might need additional assistance they let the group’s kayak guide know as soon as possible.

“I was helping one lady in a kayak once and she told me she was pregnant,” Captain Deidre said. “I assured her that she was in good hands, and that we’d keep a close eye on her. I immediately radioed the guide that had her in his group and let him know.”

Known for its safety procedures and passionate staff, contact Pictured Rocks Kayaking today to see how they can accommodate your trip to see the beautiful Pictured Rocks.

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