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What People Are Saying About Pictured Rocks Kayaking

What People Are Saying About Pictured Rocks Kayaking

Cruising into its 7th season, one local attraction is topping bucket lists of travelers visiting Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

As the area’s only kayaking outfitter that launches paddlers into the water from a boat, Pictured Rocks Kayaking shows its passengers the best parts of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore as kayakers glide by gigantic cliffs, sandstone formations, and sea caves. Since the boat stays close by, paddlers are able to take bathroom breaks and rest as needed.

Everything You Need to Know About Pictured Rocks Kayaking

Everything You Need to Know About Pictured Rocks Kayaking

From praising the staff’s professionalism to raving about the trip being a top-notch experience, here’s what people are saying about touring with the popular outfitter on social media, Google, and TripAdvisor:

“Five Miles of Awesome Kayaking”

Five Miles of Awesome Kayaking

Connie Diller gave Pictured Rocks Kayaking a five-star rating on Google: “Absolutely loved this experience of kayaking on Lake Superior with the Pictured Rocks Kayaking. I felt safe, didn’t get exhausted, (they give you a boat ride to the best part of the Pictured Rocks), safety with having the boat in close proximity if needed…Bucket List! Check! Going out again, bringing my hubby next time.”

Top 7 Highlights of a Pictured Rocks Kayaking Tour

“Easy Online Booking and Friendly Staff”

Pictured Rocks Kayaking Easy Online Booking and Friendly Staff

Anna L raved about how smooth their trip was on TripAdvisor: “Great experience! Easy online booking, friendly staff when you arrive and a great team of guides. The team made you feel welcomed but also prepared to be on the big lake. Really a great way to see and enjoy pictured rocks.”

On Google, Fam PV exclaimed: “The kayaks are super PRO, the tour guides know everything about this place and we had a blast … Even the people who never used a kayak was super happy at the end. I can not give all the compliments I wish. Just have to tell whoever is reading this review is that you will have the trip of your life.”

Pictured Rocks Kayaking Easy Online Booking and Friendly Staff

TripAdvisor user Pkcrowley also wrote: “Everything about this experience was top notch- safety, cleanliness, friendliness. This company is extremely high quality in every way and I am so glad that I had the chance to do this. I sure did meet a lot of wonderful people as well.”

Why You Need to Take a Tour of Pictured Rocks

An Exciting Family Adventure

An Exciting Family Adventure
Jillian Dellisanti commended Pictured Rocks Kayaking for the trip being safe for their entire family: “Our kayak trip was amazing! My husband & I went with our daughters ages 9 & 11. We each had a child in our kayak & always felt safe. Great experience, will recommend to all our friends & family. Thanks Pictured Rocks Kayaking!”

TripAdvisor user E.Tong also kayaked the Pictured Rocks with their children and saw wildlife: “This was an amazing tour that we did with our 10 and 12 year old sons. The entire process was efficient getting into and out of the kayaks. Both kids were able to paddle for the whole 5 miles. It was an easy pace looking, feeling, and seeing Pictured Rocks on all of its glory! I am so happy we took this tour. We even got to see a bald eagle catch a fish while we were out on the water.”

“Up-close and Personal with the Rocks”

Up-close and Personal with the Rocks

A favorite of paddlers is how close they get to the Pictured Rocks during their tour. KBK raved about the intimate experience, saying: “The sights were so beautiful and you can get up close and personal with the rocks. The water is such a pretty blue green color and you can see straight to the bottom! We were originally thinking maybe we could just kayak it ourselves but after reading the dangers of Lake Superior I didn’t feel comfortable doing it on our own. After the experience we had, I am so happy we booked this tour and I would 100% do it again!”

The Perfect Excursion for Couples

The Perfect Excursion for Couples - Lover's Leap

In case you needed another reason to paddle Pictured Rocks, near the end of the tour, you’ll reach Lover’s Leap. The popular archway is one of the most iconic and photographed formations in the Pictured Rocks Park – passing through it is certainly a magical memory you won’t soon forget.

The Perfect Excursion for Couples

TripAdvisor user Sightseer723226 basked: “My husband and I visited on our 25th wedding anniversary. The beautiful water did not disappoint. We booked this on our last full day of our vacation and I’m so glad we did. It was, hands down, the best. We recently returned from an ocean trip. Pictured Rock was more beautiful to us. Thank you for your hospitality. The staff was great. From beginning to end. And our guide Devin was a lot of fun.”

How To Have a Romantic Weekend in Pictured Rocks

Women-Operated and Inspiring

Women-Operated and Inspiring

While hundreds have thanked Pictured Rocks Kayaking online for their wonderful experiences, Captain Deidre Phillipson and Office Manager Abby Rahn hear their fair share of good reviews in-person.

“As a captain, it is humbling to hear from some of the people that take a moment to say something,” Deidre said. “I have had a mother come up to me and ask to take my picture so she can show her daughter that she can do anything she wants in life. I literally almost cried on that one.”

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Another moment that stands out to Deidre: “A gentleman came to me one day and said “Captain, you are doing a fine job running this show. I have daughters that are higher up in their male dominated industry and I take great pleasure in seeing a female at the helm.”

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