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Alternate Tour

A safe alternative to kayaking the Pictured Rocks when the weather does not cooperate. 

Why do we offer an alternate tour?

We believe an alternate tour is better than no tour and Grand Island is something very special! With safety as our number 1 priority, sometimes Mother Nature has different plans and we cannot safely kayak along Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. We know some of you travel far and we do our best to give you the service you paid for and expect from Pictured Rocks Kayaking.

When do you offer an alternate tour?

We offer an alternate tour when the winds are too strong and the waves are too big along Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. This safety hazard can be from the night before, the day of, or because of a directional switch of the wind.

How much is an alternate tour?

There are different situations that can occur with this scenario and we want to be transparent about this so you are prepared. The alternate tour is $118 from Launch point #1 and $99 from Launch point #2. 

  1. If the decision is made prior to your tour that we will NOT be kayaking Pictured Rocks and our only option is Grand Island, then we offer the alternate tour at a flat rate of $118 per ticket for the Ultimate Kayak tour. If you are unsatisfied with your alternate tour, please step into office immediatley after your tour and we will give you a full refund. We look at this as a win win. We want YOU to be happy with our services and what we offer as a company.

2. If we leave the dock and arrive at the launch point along Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and determine it is not safe to kayak, Option 1 above is what we will offer. We do not run people back to the dock as the timing and scheduling does not allow for this.

3. Safety will always be our number one priority. If we cannot safely kayak we will offer a full refund or allow for a ticket exchange for the next available day.

Will I see Pictured Rocks on the alternate tour?

This is 100% dependent on the wave height and will be determined by the Captain at that time. You have a good chance of seeing Miners Castle and then heading towards Grand Island for a safe kayak adventure.

Where on Grand Island do we go?

We take you along the East side of beautiful Grand Island, which is located about 2 miles from our docking point. We have 2 drop off points that you can see located on the map below. Wildlife is abundant on the island, as well as waterfalls. You will get up close and personal with Grand Island and the guides will provide you with an amazing amount of history.

How long is the alternate tour?

This tour is shorter than our Pictured Rocks tour by no more than an hour. The paddling portion of the tour will take just under 2 hours but the boat ride to and from the Island is a shorter distance.

What will I see on the island?

The Great Grand Island is a hidden gem that offers the same geological rock layers as the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. This is a far less congested area of Lake Superior that is protected from the West winds and creates a safe lake surface for paddling. There is always the possibility of wildlife and waterfalls but most importantly, it will be safe. 

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